Developing your business with a design thinking and circular economy tools approach

The overarching questions any business should ask themselves are “how well do we know our customers, and on what grounds do we base these assumptions? Do we in fact have a real understanding of their needs and beliefs?”


The starting point of any problem we are tasked with, is to establish a human understanding. We use social science and behavioural economics to identify patterns in the ways we as humans feel, act and prioritize, which can be utilised to solve a range of challenges. Our core service areas include:


We combine user insights with market and societal trends to identify opportunity spaces within your current portfolio as well as novel areas.

Changes to the strategy often means need for organisational changes and new capabilities.  We combine classic organisational tools and frameworks with the Design Thinking approach taking into account the cultural inertia that exists in any organisation.

Products and services

We help businesses and organizations innovate, explore and develop new (old) products and services.

We stimulate, facilitate and drive innovation processes and bring fresh and curious perspectives from many different industries and sectors. We always start by asking questions to understand human needs and end with building viable and actionable solutions.

Getting it right

Sustain-able products and processes

The environment and climate is challenged, and customers expect businesses and organizations to take more responsibility and to do right.

By integrating the Design Thinking approach with the concept and tools from circular economy we provide solutions that will minimize waste generation and climate impact. We do so by use of a range of different approaches, hereunder changes to processes, business models and material substitution.


and cultural change management

A popular saying is “culture eats strategies for breakfast”. You have a new strategy, but are your employees and stakeholders in your value chain ready to accommodate this?The above is experienced by many to be very close to reality. Having an agile change management strategy and an understanding of the cultural dynamics in your organization will go a long way to assist in a successful implementation.

How to begin without going all in?

We have designed a number of stand-alone options to get started. A selected few are included hereunder. More will follow.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a tailored approach. This is what we do.

The tool is a part of our deliverable which therefore will enable you to continue your monitoring and minimisation efforts in a comparable way also in the future.

Minimising your climate footprint

Want to move your business towards a more climate and environmentally friendly future in an economically viable way?

We have developed a Climate tool which we use to assess your company’s climate footprint through key climate relevant aspects of your company and match those with relevant measures.

The work comprise a desktop analysis and an on-site assessment were the combined input is crunched though our tool to provide your company with information on:

  • What is the impact that your company's activities have on the climate?
  • How does your company compare to the industry benchmark?
  • Which initiatives can be put in motion to reduce your footprint?
  • How will implementing the initiatives effect the company’s footprint and economy?

Innovation Workshop

Want to harvest your company’s innovation capacity to create new products and businesses?

We offer a gamified, engaging and different approach to bring an idea to an actionable concept during our Innovation Workshop.

The workshop is for the entrepreneur, innovator, concept developer or company who wishes to develop new products and services using the combined knowledge of a group of people such as team, departments or similar.

The key elements which is covered during the workshop are:

  • Ideation process
  • Business model generation
  • Communication

We strongly believe that a high diversity in the workshop groups brings forward the best possible ideas and we therefore invites you to consider more than your “normal” development team for this workshop.

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