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CTD - Design Thinking and Circular Economy in one.

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Circular Through Design

Product and process development begins with the human factor.

We aim for the creation of economically and environmentally sustainable solutions in everything we do.

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Take Make Dispose

Make Use Recycle

Our current focus areas

Selected cases

Client: Standard Chartered

Changing practices and culture in ship recycling in Bangladesh

The challenge

Standard Chartered Bank wished to push for a more environmentally sound and safer practice in the Bangladeshi ship recycling industry.

The Approach

To drive the change process, a dual approach was developed comprised of an inspection to assess progress against a number of KPI’s and a cultural change management workshop with key stakeholders engaged in the change process.

The result

Radical changes to the ship recycling methods utilised in Bangladesh, which has now entered the world scene setting a new standard for sound operations – in strong support of SCB’s brand – Here for good.


Client: MARHAZ ApS

Optimising complex processes through digital solutions

The challenge

Marhaz ApS wanted to optimize several time-consuming work processes when   identifying and registering hazardous materials onboard ships.

The Approach

CTD analyzed the internal and external work processes and subsequently developed a prototype to solve the problem. Following a subsequent test period, experiences were collected, analyzed and evaluated, after which a finished solution is consolidated in an automated digital work tool.

The result

The digital solution made it possible to save time and streamline the work of Marhaz ApS while minimizing human error.

Client: Arpe & Kjeldsholm

Initiating the transition to a sustainable company

The challenge

Client advisor and turnkey contractor Arpe & Kjeldsholm wants their company to be more sustainable.

The Approach

CTD facilitates the process and applies Design Thinking principles where the management, employees, office, construction site and value chain are involved to ensure that the transformation is rooted in all activities, the organization and the culture.

The target

The goal was to ensure that Arpe & Kjeldsholm can provide sustainable offers while keeping its competitiveness in a sector that over the coming years will experience an increased marked demand for sustainable solutions as well as more regulation.

Cumulated satisfied clients in CTD and Osito

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