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Who we are

CTD ApS is a Copenhagen based community of designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, anthropologists, researchers and more. CTD is short for Circular Through Design – our mission and vision is ambitious and at the same time simple: To facilitate a transformation of the way companies and institutions design their business, processes and products to ensure a sustainable path forward.

What we do

We combine and apply two significant trends that have arisen in the last decade: Design Thinking and Circular Economy. We create solutions and insights for our clients that enable them to develop sustainable products and processes that embrace real human needs, demands and future challenges.

How we do it

We have a shared belief that change starts by listening to individuals, and placing these at the centre of our approach. Understanding needs and bringing these insights together with what is technologically feasible, economically viable and sustain-able are at the core of what we do.

Our aspiration

It takes courage to break free from the old patterns and invest time and effort to create viable and long-term solutions. To do this, we strive to be open and unafraid to fail and try again. This is our dream and aspiration.


We are not afraid of going in deep and getting our hands dirty – Solutions seen from a different perspective.


Keeping information and work flow in an agile format visible to the team at all times is key to innovation and knowledge sharing.

Slide prototyping IMG_8071

Preto-typing enables valuable insights at an early stage. We have 24/7 access to a variety of machines and equipment for product development.


We strive to balance the informal with a high level of aptitude and are not afraid to challenge our own and our clients believes.

The team

We are driven – by our employees – by our believes that change starts with listening and being agile and adaptable – by a profound belief that it is possible to find sustainable solutions for all challenges.

Our employees and external consultants reflect this, being comprised of entrepreneurs, passionate innovators and people that think outside the box. We invite for diversity in skills and personality, and our team cover a wide range of disciplines enabling us to develop solutions across a variety of fields and industries.

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Svend Boes Overgaard

CEO and Founder

The hybrid that connects

Svend is partner and project director in CTD. He brings to the table many years of experience working with innovation processes and environmental science.

He connects business modelling, environmental issues, and cultural change management at a strategic and operational level. With over a 100 diverse projects and workshops in his portfolio, Svend is a keen problem solver and translator of results.

BSc in environmental engineering: Technical University of Denmark, Kgs Lyngby.

Executive MBA: Technical University of Denmark, Kgs Lyngby.

Defining work/companyLitehauz – Deputy manager & senior consultant; MARHAZ, CEO – inspection company; Powwow Brothers Inc – Freelance sound engineer and producer.

Jungle track: He has lived on boats and the beaches of Asia teaching diving and first aid. Recorded music albums throughout the 90’s. 

Ulrik Sunesen

COO, digital innovation

Driving the teams

Ulrik is a partner in CTD and runs daily operations. He has many cross-media projects under his west and deep roots in the entertainment industry producing amination movies, computer games, arranging live events and managing application development.

He investigates and develops solutions for digital transformation. Driving our teams and bringing people together for optimal performance are cornerstones in what he does.                             

MSc in Digital Innovation & Management: IT University of Copenhagen.

Defining work/company: Danish Design AR/Sune&Sune/Husets Teater – Business Development, Sales, Entrepreneur & Management.

Jungle track: He plays the bass in his recording studio and has lived in both South Africa and West Africa, volunteering for development projects.

Anne Stender Hornstrup

Product and process design

Sustain-able at work

Anne is knee-deep in the human-centred design thinking and lean processes. She works with user needs, prototyping and testing of concepts and designing for manufacturing.

She applies a broad set of tools for developing user tests and identify lean potentials in a pursuit to understand interactions between humans and technology, and how that knowledge can be applied to design a more sustainable future.

B Eng. in Process and Innovation: Technical University of Denmark, Ballerup

Product Design Engineering: Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Defining work/company: Danfoss- Project leader and coordinator for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) tools

Jungle track: Not just on paper – Putting in the work of creating a better world through involvement in local relief and conservation projects in Kathmandu

nynne nørup foto

Nynne Nørup

Technial ekspert

Nynne has a broad knowledge in the area of circular economy and expert knowledge within garments and textiles and optimization of waste management processes. Nynne has a large network within the textile industry and works on the basis of holistic and interdisciplinary problems and solutions.

Industrial phD: UFF-Humana and DTU Environmental assessment of collection, reuse, recycling and disposal of clothing and household textiles. 

Cand. Polyt, Master of Science in Environmental Technology: University of Southern Denmark, Odense. 

BSc In Planning and Environment,(engineer), Aalborg University, Aalborg.

Defining work/ workplace: Independent consultant / Startup- Textile recycling and councling; Environment and information Officer, UFF-Humana: Waste planner, Forsyning Helsingør. 

Jette Svane

Freelance Graphic designer/illustrator

Design as storytelling

Jette has more than 30 years of experience within the field of visual communication and has worked with museums, architects, publishers, television productions and several private clients. She has an astute sense of translating values and intangibles into visual designs which are easily communicated.

Education: Visual Communication and Graphic Design from DMJX. Masters degree in Communication and Behaviour (NLP)

Defining work/company: Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator, visualising values and the UN goals for companies. Teacher in design.

Jungle track: Travelling on her own to strange places and secret islands, searching for stories to learn from. Latest Socotra, an island in Yemen.

Nikolas Fuad Mortensen

Freelance Anthropologist

The human in focus

Nikolas has 20+ years of experience in the international tourism sector, working with projects and business development on various levels in the private sector and with public organisations.

Nikolas contributes with the anthropological vantage point providing the cultural, social and economic context for our analyses and solutions. Social networks are his playground and organisation development is in his blood.

MSc (cand.scient.ant) in Social Anthropology: University of Copenhagen, University of Aarhus, Universidad de Coimbra

Defining work/company: VisitDenmark / Borealis Destination Management / Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark / University of Copenhagen, Department of Social Anthropology – Developing B2B networks, Business Development, Management, Logistics, Negotiation.

Jungle track: Has lived, conducted fieldwork, made movies, dived and played capoeira in Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Brazil and Mozambique. Speaks


External consultants


In connection with our work, we often use external consultants connected to projects where unique expertise is needed. A consultant can be involved throughout the project or specific periods of the project.

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