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Ship recycling

Since 2014, CTD has acted as an independent 3rd party consultant for the British Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, to verify a healthy work – and social conditions and ensure environmental protection of many of their clients engaged in ship dismantling in Bangladesh. CTD has also driven the change management processes with the management of the individual scraping plant. 

Ship recycling

Stora Enso – Procedure and process


CTD was hired by BSR to, on behalf of Stora Enso, assess Maersk’s ship dismantling procedures and processes concerting Stora Enso’s supplier policy. CTD also facilitated the meetings between the Stora Enso’s management and Maersk’s representatives. 

Ship recycling

MarHaz Aps – Process

CTD was responsible for developing the digital transformation of the inspection company Marhaz and analysis of the company’s most time-consuming processes and subsequent automation.


Danish Munipality – Bio waste

CTD has entered a dialogue with a Danish Municipality on optimizing the collection and utilization of bio-waste from commercial canteens in the Municipality. 

Organic food

CTD is in a initial dialogue with a significant Danish dairy producer to disseminate knowledge and stories about organic farming through augmented reality(AR) in connection with their products. 


Several foundations – Museum experience

CTD is in dialogue with several foundations and municipality in Fyn to provide a solution to democratize one of the municipality’s museum experiences through augmented reality(AR).


Concert producer – Sustainablity

CTD is in an initial dialogue with an international concert provider to frame and facilitate their transformation into a sustainable business. 


Emergency organisation – collecting and sorting

In CTD, we are in the process of setting up a project with significant Danish emergency aid organization around the collection and sorting of textiles. The goals is to develop a new pre-sorting method and find a circular infrastructure for the fabrics that are not recycled.

Food waste

Danish municipalities – Combating 

CTD has entered a collaboration with chef and entrepreneur Peter Andersen in combating food waste in commercial canteens. We are in an initial dialogue with two Danish municipalities to start projects in selected institutions. 

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