Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help companies in their efforts to achieve a sustainable a triple bottom line, which can be used as a differentiator for growth and competitive advantage. We will do this in close cooperation with our customers, focusing on implementable solutions of high quality.

It is our vision to be a key contributor to developing standards for sustainable businesses, thereby increasing the speed at which our society achieves equilibrium with our environment.

Values and Engagement

CTD is short for Circular economy Through Design. We believe that creating sustainable solutions requires looking into the business model of the company, and not only adding to the original organisation. We are passionate about sustainable development of our society in general and for the continued ability of enterprises to create value in markets with increasing resource challenges and rapid changes in their competitive landscape in particular.

We usually only regret the things we don't act upon!


CTD was founded in 2016 by Svend Boes Overgaard, who has a background as environmental engineer from DTU and an Executive MBA from DTU Business. CTD draws on business experience ranging from environmental- and business consulting, over tourism development, to creative work in the music industry. The last eight years in innovation-oriented environmental consultancy for the maritime industry for a large number of national and international companies within the public and private sector.

CTD ApS, B├╝lowsvej 5A, 1870 Frederiksberg C, Denmark | CVR / VAT no 38332031 | Mob +45 28 19 28 86 | svo@ctd.dk