Are you looking to change your career path or seeking inspiration to meet new or recurring challenges? A mentor might be the solution for you.

Mentoring is a confidential space for reflection and sparring with one that is not entangled in your day-to-day challenges. It's a formalised space to investigate your needs and wants. It's about your choices and what you can do to influence your professional life.

"Svend is a focused and constructive mentor, who dares to challenge and ask why. He has a vast set of tools in which he excels applying timely. Svend facilitates vertical learning and I will highly recommend him as a mentor". Johan Pedersen, Lead Specialist, Energy Harvesting & IoT, DELTA, FORCE Technology.".
Johan Pedersen, Lead Specialist, Energy Harvesting & IoT, DELTA, FORCE Technology.


CTD offers tailored mentoring that matches your needs. CTD has a number of affiliated mentors and emphasis is placed on ensuring the right match between mentor and you.

Change takes time and there is a need to reflect and work with the findings between meetings. The mentorship typically lasts a year and there are about 8-12 meetings of one and a half hour duration.


The founder of CTD has worked as a mentor since 2008 for people on entry level to intermediate level. He is also affiliated with IDA's mentoring scheme and the Greater Copenhagen Career Program.

People are different, and so are the approach taken to individual mentee. Contact us for more information here. her.

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