Environmental Sustainability

CTD performs a wide range of environment related projects as expert, project manager and facilitator. CTD works in areas such as environmental sustainability, strategy, policy development, value chain analysis, risk assessments, BAT and gap analyses, amongst others.

The CEO of CTD has been working on environmental innovation since ten years for a large number of public and private companies. CTD excel in balancing the desire to "Do good for the people and the planet" on the one hand and a political, strategic, and competitive reality on the other.

Feature feed: Ship recycling

Is maritime transport a part of your value chain and is how your suppliers handle the scrapping of their ships material to you? CTD reviews or develops your supplier policies and evaluates your suppliers compliance with international standards and best practice. See here for projects the CEO of CTD has worked on.

Corporate Social Responsibility

It can be quite a mouthful to develop or manage a CSR program with the available resources that many small and medium-sized companies have. Where do you start and how do you weigh solutions so that they balance aspects such as exposure, impact, risk, accountability, and investment and return.

CTD assists your company to get started or finalise you objectives in line with the World Goals, UN Global Compact, or other international, regional, or industry-related goals with particularly critical areas.

Strengthen your company's reputation and create robustness through a structured approach that enables you to meet public opinion face on.


There is today validated evidence that "green" business models are sustainable, also in an economical sense. Few companies go down this path only to increase brand value at the expense of earnings. Therefore, there is also an increased interest in green products, circular economics and the use of the "triple bottom line" as a competitive parameter and differentiator.

CTD integrates environment, CSR and business development into one and develops new green models and products, or customises/upgrades existing ones to your business. The right solution can reduce your footprint, increase your earnings and at the same time make you more robust in terms of future regulation and increased competition. CTD provides robust analysis and focuses on creating links between solutions, strategic goals and business models.

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