Business Model Innovation and Development

Business Model Innovation and product development is the core of CTD's work. We develop, save and enter into partnerships with established companies and entrepreneurs who want to professionalize their strategic work, innovate business models, and develop new products or services.

In cooperation with you and your company CTD clarifies the key issues that are crucial to your company's development and growth ambitions, and help you achieve your goals. Achievable implementation plans with milestones and KPIs are being developed to ensure momentum. In addition, CTD engages in the following activities.


As a company owner, you are often faced with the company's challenges and further development alone. You would like competent people to spar with and share considerations with such as strategy, risk, financial conditions and growth in a confidential space, but you are not ready to give control of the company to a board. The solution is an Advisory Board.

The CEO of CTD contributes with competencies and experiences as an active member of your existing Advisory Board. Or, identify and compose the right candidates if you have established an Advisory Board. For industry knowledge and general background, click here.

Create value for the company though great ideas

Most people get ideas for improvements and see new opportunities, within the environment they inhabit the most. Therefore, there may be untapped potential from employees and colleagues at many companies. Workshops with the right framework and value-added bottom-up approach, can tap into new knowledge and creativity.

CTD organises and facilitates workshops for companies who wants to create greater cohesion between employees and the company's development and identity. CTD arranges workshops in innovation, strategy development and idea-generation to create new business opportunities.

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